I'm starting a Kindle Scout campaign. What the heck does that mean??

October 21, 2017

Update: This campaign has now ended. Thank you for all your nominations. Unfortunately, Feathered was not selected for publication, but it is now available to purchase on Amazon.


Hello, fantasy fans!

   --And those of other genres. I don't discriminate!


For those of you who can stretch your minds back far enough, you may remember my campaign for my second novel, Seeing Blue, to be published by Kindle. Well, I'm back again, and this time it's with my new fantasy novel, Feathered!

Looks pretty, doesn't it? :)



So I think the first question I need to address here is this one: What the heck is Kindle Scout?


Well, I'm glad you asked. Kindle Scout is a FANTASTIC programme hosted by Amazon's Kindle (obviously!) which allows authors to campaign for the chance to be selected for a high-profile publishing contract.


Needless to say, the programme is immensely popular among authors, both established and new!


So how does it work?


Another great question. Well, readers participate by nominating the books they most want to see published. That's right--YOU get to choose which books the company selects for publication! Of course, it has to meet their specs, too, but the long and short of it is that YOU get to be our judges.


You are able to nominate up to three books at a time, and the more votes a story gets, the more likely it is to catch Amazon's eye. So even if you don't want to vote for Feathered, it is very much worth taking a look at the other books on there! The campaigns each run for 30 days, and then you're notified within a few days whether or not the book has been selected. And the best part? If a book you nominated gets chosen, you receive a FREE E-COPY! How awesome is that?!


Sounds good! What do I have to do?


First of all, head on over to the site.  All you need is an Amazon account. That is literally all you need! You're not signing yourself up to another site that you don't want to sign up to only to receive an inbox full of unsolicited emails. Bleugh. No one wants that.


Take your time to scour through the submissions. Each one comes with a short description and an excerpt so you can get a real taste of what the story offers. Then, just select your three nominations, and you're off! It is really that simple.


To find out more about Feathered and to nominate it for selection, follow this link straight to the campaign page! Update: Link no longer active.



While we're on the subject, it would be remiss for me not to mention my friend's ongoing campaign, Cold Solar. Update: Link no longer active. So maybe if you don't like the look of Feathered, this sci-fi adventure may be more your style!



One last note then I'll stop bothering you . . . other authors out there, if you're considering giving Kindle Scout a go, I highly recommend it! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Visit the site's about page to find out what it can do for you!



Until we meet again, happy scouting!


Rachel Wollaston xx



Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way endorsed by or in association with Kindle Scout.

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